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how to decorate my kitchen

How to Decorate My Kitchen with Budget-Friendly Upcycling Ideas

If you’re wondering how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly upcycling ideas, this blog post is for you. Upcycling is the art of transforming old or unwanted items into new and useful ones, giving them a second chance. It’s a great way to add some personality, charm, and sustainability to your kitchen, without spending a fortune.

In this post, we’ll show you some amazing upcycling ideas for your kitchen, all inspired by the outline you gave us. From repurposed mason jars and salvaged wood shelves, to vintage plate wall art and pallet kitchen island, you’ll find plenty of creative and practical ways to makeover your kitchen on a budget.

So, are you ready to discover how you can turn your kitchen into a cozy and stylish space with upcycling? Let’s dive right in and explore these awesome upcycling projects for your kitchen!

1. Repurposed Mason Jars

Repurposed Mason Jars are a great way to add some style and functionality to your budget friendly kitchen. You can use them for various purposes, such as:

  • Storage containers: Mason jars are ideal for storing dry goods, spices, or utensils. You can label them with chalk or stickers, and stack them on shelves or in cabinets. They will keep your kitchen organized and neat.
  • Herb planters: Mason jars can also be used as herb planters, which will bring some freshness and flavor to your cooking. You can attach them to a wooden board or hang them from the ceiling with some rope or wire. They will look charming and rustic in your kitchen.
  • Candle holders: Mason jars can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in your kitchen when used as candle holders. You can fill them with water, sand, pebbles, or dried flowers, and place a tea light or a votive candle inside. They will cast a warm and soft glow in your kitchen.
  • Vases: Mason jars can also be used as vases, which will brighten up your kitchen with some color and fragrance. You can fill them with fresh or artificial flowers, or even some branches or leaves. You can arrange them on your countertop, table, or windowsill. They will make your kitchen more inviting and cheerful.

2. Salvaged Wood Shelves

Are you looking for how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly ideas? If you have access to salvaged wood, you can use it to create rustic shelves for your kitchen. This is a simple and creative way to add some charm and personality to your space.

The first step is to sand down the wood to remove any dirt, nails, or splinters. You can use a power sander or a sandpaper to do this. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from dust and debris.

The next step is to apply a coat of varnish or paint to the wood. This will give it a nice finish and protect it from moisture and stains. You can choose any color or style that matches your kitchen theme. For example, you can go for a natural look with clear varnish, or a vintage look with white or pastel paint.

The final step is to mount the wood on your kitchen walls. You can use brackets, screws, or nails to secure the wood to the wall studs. You can also use hooks, ropes, or chains to hang the wood from the ceiling. Make sure to measure and mark the spots where you want to place the shelves before drilling or hammering.

Now you have your own salvaged wood shelves for your kitchen. You can use them to display your favorite cookbooks, vintage kitchenware, or potted herbs. You can also add some lights, candles, or flowers to make them more cozy and inviting. Enjoy your new rustic and budget-friendly kitchen decor!

3. Vintage Plate Wall Art

Looking to add a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your culinary space? Consider incorporating vintage plate wall art into your kitchen decor. Visit your local thrift store or flea market to discover unique designs that will make a stunning display on a blank wall. This upcycling idea allows you to repurpose old plates while creating a captivating visual centerpiece.

Arranging the vintage plates on your kitchen wall is a simple yet impactful way to transform the space. The combination of various patterns and colors adds charm and character to your kitchen decor. By using active voice and concise sentences, the artwork becomes the focal point that effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic.

With this kitchen decorating idea, you can bring a sense of history and personality to your culinary haven. Each vintage plate tells a story and adds a layer of sophistication to the space. By utilizing your creativity and incorporating this unique form of artwork, you can create a kitchen that is truly one-of-a-kind.

So, head to your local thrift store or flea market and start hunting for those hidden gems. By carefully selecting and arranging the vintage plates, you can effortlessly elevate your kitchen’s ambiance and create a stunning display that reflects your personal style and love for nostalgic treasures.

4. Pallet Kitchen Island

Do you want to know how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly ideas? One of the best ways to do that is to transform an old wooden pallet into a functional kitchen island. This is a great upcycling project that will give you more counter space and storage in your kitchen.

The first thing you need to do is to find a wooden pallet that is in good condition. You can get one from a local warehouse, construction site, or online marketplace. Make sure the pallet is sturdy and clean.

The next thing you need to do is to sand the pallet to smooth out any rough edges and splinters. You can use a power sander or a sandpaper to do this. You should also remove any nails or staples that are sticking out from the pallet.

The third thing you need to do is to paint the pallet with your desired color. You can use any kind of paint that is suitable for wood, such as acrylic, latex, or spray paint. You can also leave the pallet natural if you prefer a more rustic look.

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The last thing you need to do is to attach wheels to the bottom of the pallet. You can use any kind of wheels that are strong enough to support the weight of the pallet, such as casters, swivel wheels, or furniture wheels. You can also add some handles or hooks to the sides of the pallet for convenience.

Now you have your own pallet kitchen island that you can use for preparing food, serving dishes, or storing utensils. You can also decorate it with some potted plants, candles, or kitchenware to make it more cozy and stylish. Enjoy your new functional and budget-friendly kitchen island!

5. Chalkboard Cabinet Doors

Chalkboard Cabinet Doors are a creative and budget friendly way to transform your kitchen. You can easily make them yourself with some chalkboard paint and a brush. Here are some benefits of having chalkboard cabinet doors in your kitchen:

  • Organization: You can use the chalkboard cabinet doors to write down your grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, or reminders. You will never forget what you need to buy or cook, and you can easily erase and update the information.
  • Personalization: You can also use the chalkboard cabinet doors to express your personality and style. You can write inspirational quotes, jokes, or messages for your family or guests. You can also draw some doodles, patterns, or designs to make your kitchen more fun and lively.
  • Versatility: You can change the look and feel of your kitchen with the chalkboard cabinet doors. You can match them with different themes, seasons, or occasions. You can also use different colors and types of chalk to create different effects and moods.
  • Practicality: You can save money and space with the chalkboard cabinet doors. You don’t need to buy or store paper, pens, magnets, or sticky notes. You also don’t need to worry about damaging or staining your cabinet doors, as the chalkboard paint is easy to clean and maintain.

6. Upcycled Window Frame Herb Garden

An upcycled window frame herb garden is a creative way to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly and eco-friendly materials. You can use an old window frame that you have at home or find one at a thrift store or garage sale.

To make this herb garden, you will need some small pots, potting soil, and herb seeds or plants. You can choose any herbs that you like, such as basil, mint, rosemary, or thyme. You will also need some hooks, nails, or screws to attach the pots to the window frame.

The next step is to drill holes in the window frame and attach the hooks, nails, or screws. You can arrange them in any pattern that you prefer, as long as they are sturdy enough to hold the pots. Then, fill the pots with soil and plant the herbs. You can label the pots with the herb names or add some decorative touches.

Finally, you can hang the window frame on a kitchen wall or prop it up on a countertop. You will have a beautiful and functional herb garden that will add some freshness and flavor to your cooking. You can also enjoy the aroma and beauty of the herbs in your kitchen.

7. Tin Can Utensil Holder

If you are looking for a creative way to organize your utensils in a budget kitchen, you might want to try making a tin can utensil holder. This is a simple and fun project that will give your kitchen a splash of color and personality.

All you need are some empty tin cans, a wooden board, some paint, and some hooks. First, you need to clean the cans thoroughly and remove any labels. Then, you can paint them in any vibrant colors or patterns that you like. You can use spray paint, acrylic paint, or even fabric or paper to cover the cans.

Next, you need to attach the cans to the wooden board. You can either glue them directly to the board, or use some nails or screws to secure them. Alternatively, you can hang the cans from hooks that you attach to the board. You can also paint the board to match the cans, or leave it natural for a rustic look.

Finally, you need to hang the board on the wall, and fill the cans with your utensils. You can use different sizes and shapes of cans to fit different types of utensils, such as spoons, forks, knives, spatulas, etc. You can also label the cans with the names of the utensils, or decorate them with stickers or ribbons.

And there you have it, a tin can utensil holder that will make your budget kitchen more organized and stylish. You can also use this idea to make other holders, such as for pens, brushes, flowers, or anything else you can think of. Have fun and be creative!

8. Wine Cork Memo Board

A Wine Cork Memo Board is a creative way to reuse your old wine corks and turn them into a useful accessory for your kitchen. You can make one easily with some basic materials and tools.

To start, you will need a wooden frame or a bulletin board, some glue, and a lot of wine corks. You can use any size or shape of frame or board, depending on how big you want your memo board to be.

Next, you will need to arrange the wine corks on the frame or board. You can either cut them in half or use them whole, depending on your preference. You can also create different patterns or designs with the corks, such as rows, columns, or diagonals.

Finally, you will need to glue the wine corks to the frame or board. You can use hot glue, wood glue, or any other strong adhesive. Make sure to apply enough glue to each cork and press them firmly onto the surface. Let the glue dry completely before hanging your memo board on the wall.

A Wine Cork Memo Board is a great way to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly and eco-friendly materials. You can use it to pin recipes, grocery lists, or even sentimental notes. It will also add some charm and personality to your kitchen space.

9. Upcycled Pallet Wine Rack

An upcycled pallet wine rack is a creative and eco-friendly way to store your wine bottles and glasses. You can make one with a few simple tools and materials, and add some personality to your friendly kitchen.

The first step is to find a wooden pallet that is in good condition and has enough slats to hold your wine bottles. You can get one from a local store or online, or use an old one that you have lying around.

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Next, you need to secure the pallet to the wall where you want to display your wine rack. You can use screws, nails, or brackets to attach it firmly, making sure it is level and stable. You may also want to sand and paint the pallet to give it a fresh look.

Then, you need to add wine glass holders underneath the top slats of the pallet. You can use metal hooks, wire racks, or wooden dowels to create the holders, depending on your preference and budget. You can also drill holes in the slats to insert the holders.

Finally, you can arrange your wine bottles and glasses on the pallet wine rack. You can store the bottles horizontally between the slats, and hang the glasses upside down from the holders. You can also decorate the rack with some lights, flowers, or labels to make it more attractive.

10. Drawer Organizer from Cereal Boxes

If you are looking for how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly ideas, you might want to try making drawer organizers from cereal boxes. This is a simple and creative way to reuse materials that you already have at home.

To make these organizers, you will need some cereal boxes, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and some decorative paper or fabric. You can use any kind of paper or fabric that matches your kitchen style, such as wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or old clothes.

First, measure the height and width of your drawers and decide how many compartments you want to create. Then, cut the cereal boxes to the desired size, using the ruler and pencil to mark the lines. You can also cut the boxes at an angle to make them easier to access.

Next, cover the boxes with the paper or fabric, using glue or tape to secure them. You can also add some labels or stickers to make them more personalized. Finally, arrange the boxes in your drawers and fill them with your utensils, gadgets, or spices. You have just made your own drawer organizers from cereal boxes!

11. Vintage Tea Cup Planters

Vintage Tea Cup Planters are a lovely and simple way to bring some nature and charm to your kitchen. You can make them yourself with some old tea cups, potting soil, and small plants. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose your tea cups: You can use any vintage tea cups you have at home, or find some at thrift stores, flea markets, or online shops. Look for cups that have interesting patterns, colors, or shapes.
  • Choose your plants: You can use any small herbs or succulents that can fit in the tea cups. Some examples are mint, basil, rosemary, lavender, cactus, aloe, or echeveria. Make sure they have similar watering and sunlight needs.
  • Plant your tea cups: You need to fill the tea cups with potting soil, leaving some space at the top. Then, gently place your plants in the soil, and press them firmly. You can also add some pebbles, moss, or shells for decoration.
  • Display your tea cups: You can place your vintage tea cup planters on a windowsill or a floating shelf, where they can get enough light and air. They will make your kitchen more cozy and inviting, and provide you with some fresh herbs or succulents. They are also great decorating ideas for gifts or parties.

12. Upcycled Spoon Hooks

If you are looking for a way to how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly and creative ideas, you might want to try making your own upcycled spoon hooks. These are hooks made from old spoons that you can use to hang your kitchen essentials.

To make upcycled spoon hooks, you will need some old spoons, a hammer, a pair of pliers, a drill, some screws, and a wooden board. You can also paint or stain the board to match your kitchen style.

The first step is to bend the spoons into hooks. You can do this by placing the spoon on a hard surface and hitting the handle with a hammer until it curves. You can also use pliers to twist and shape the handle as you like.

The next step is to attach the spoon hooks to the board or the wall. You can do this by drilling a hole in the back of the spoon and screwing it to the board or the wall. Make sure the screws are long enough to hold the spoons securely.

You can arrange the spoon hooks in any pattern you like on the board or the wall. You can also add some labels or decorations to make it more personalized. Now you have your own upcycled spoon hooks that you can use to hang your kitchen towels, oven mitts, or aprons.

13. Vinyl Record Fruit Bowl

A vinyl record fruit bowl is a creative and easy way to repurpose your old records. You can make one in less than an hour with just a few simple tools and materials.

All you need is an oven-safe bowl, a baking sheet, and a vinyl record. The bowl will serve as a mold for the record, so choose one that has a shape and size that you like. The baking sheet will protect the record from direct heat and prevent it from sticking to the oven rack.

To make the fruit bowl, preheat your oven to 200°F (93°C) and place the bowl upside down on the baking sheet. Then, put the record on top of the bowl, making sure it is centered and balanced. Bake the record for about 10 minutes, or until it becomes soft and pliable.

Once the record is ready, carefully take it out of the oven and use oven mitts to shape it around the bowl. You can press it down, fold it, or twist it to create different effects. Let it cool completely before removing it from the bowl.

Now you have a unique and funky fruit bowl that will add some personality to your kitchen decorating. You can fill it with fresh fruits, nuts, candies, or anything else you like. Enjoy your new vinyl record fruit bowl and impress your guests with your DIY skills.

14. Painted Chair Backsplash

If you are looking for a way to how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly ideas, you might want to try the Painted chair backsplash. This is a creative and easy project that will add a splash of color to your kitchen walls.

To make the Painted Chair Backsplash, you will need some old chairs that you don’t use anymore. You can find them at thrift stores, garage sales, or online. Remove the seat from the chair and paint the chair back in any color you like. You can use spray paint, acrylic paint, or even chalk paint for a rustic look.

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Next, you will need to attach the chair backs to the wall. You can use nails, screws, or adhesive to secure them. Make sure they are evenly spaced and aligned. You can arrange them in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal pattern. You can also mix and match different colors and styles of chairs for a more eclectic look.

The Painted Chair Backsplash is a unique and budget-friendly alternative to traditional tile backsplashes. It will give your kitchen a fresh and fun vibe. You can also change the color or style of the chair backs anytime you want to update your kitchen decor.

15. Vintage Suitcase Kitchen Island

A vintage suitcase can be a creative and unique addition to your kitchen decoration. You can transform it into a functional and stylish kitchen island with some simple steps.

First, you need to attach legs to the bottom of the suitcase. You can use wooden or metal legs, depending on your preference. Make sure the legs are sturdy and stable, and that they match the height of your kitchen counter.

Next, you need to paint or refinish the exterior of the suitcase. You can choose a color that complements your kitchen decor, or you can go for a contrasting or vintage look. You can also add some details, such as stickers, labels, or handles, to give it more personality.

Finally, you need to use the suitcase as extra countertop space or for storing kitchen essentials. You can open the suitcase and store items such as utensils, napkins, or spices inside. You can also use the top of the suitcase as a cutting board, a serving tray, or a display area.

A vintage suitcase kitchen island is a great way to reuse an old item and add some charm to your kitchen. It is also a fun and easy project that you can do yourself. You can enjoy your new kitchen island and impress your guests with your creativity.


In conclusion, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and eco-friendly space by following the steps in the outline, such as repurposing mason jars, salvaging wood shelves, and creating vintage plate wall art. By doing so, you can achieve your goal of how to decorate your kitchen with budget-friendly upcycling ideas.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Whether you want to make a pallet kitchen island, a chalkboard cabinet door, or a wine cork memo board, we have you covered with our creative suggestions. You can also experiment with color, texture, and style to add some personality to your kitchen.

We would love to hear from you! Share your kitchen upcycling projects, thoughts, tips, and questions in the comments below. Let’s continue the conversation on creating unique and charming kitchens!


What is the best way to decorate a kitchen?

The best way to decorate a kitchen depends on your personal taste, budget, and space. However, some general tips are:

  • Choose a color scheme that suits your mood and style. You can use paint, wallpaper, tiles, or backsplash to add some color to your walls.
  • Add some lighting options that create a cozy and bright atmosphere. You can use pendant lights, recessed lights, under-cabinet lights, or lamps to illuminate your kitchen.
  • Incorporate some storage solutions that keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. You can use cabinets, shelves, racks, baskets, or jars to store your utensils, appliances, and ingredients.
  • Accessorize your kitchen with some items that reflect your personality and interests. You can use plants, artwork, rugs, curtains, or magnets to add some flair to your kitchen.

How can I make my kitchen look good?

To make your kitchen look good, you need to focus on three aspects: cleanliness, functionality, and aesthetics. Some steps you can take are:

  • Clean your kitchen regularly and thoroughly. You can use natural or commercial cleaners to wipe down your surfaces, appliances, and sink. You can also use baking soda, vinegar, or lemon to remove stains, odors, and grease.
  • Maintain your kitchen appliances and fixtures. You can check for leaks, cracks, or damages and repair them as soon as possible. You can also replace any outdated or broken appliances or fixtures with new ones that suit your needs and style.
  • Update your kitchen design and layout. You can rearrate your furniture, appliances, and items to create more space and flow. You can also change your hardware, knobs, handles, or faucets to give your kitchen a fresh look.

How can I customize my kitchen?

You can customize your kitchen by adding some features that make it unique and personal. Some ideas are:

  • Install a kitchen island that provides extra counter space, storage, and seating. You can choose an island that matches your existing cabinets and countertops or opt for a contrasting one that stands out.
  • Add a backsplash that protects your walls from splashes and spills and adds some visual interest to your kitchen. You can choose a backsplash that complements your color scheme or contrasts with it for a pop of color.
  • Create a focal point that draws attention and creates a statement in your kitchen. You can use a range hood, a pot rack, a wall clock, or a chalkboard to create a focal point that showcases your style and creativity.

How can I decorate my small kitchen?

You can decorate your small kitchen by using some tricks that make it look bigger and brighter. Some suggestions are:

  • Use light colors that reflect light and create an illusion of space. You can use white, beige, gray, or pastel colors for your walls, cabinets, and countertops.
  • Use mirrors that reflect light and create a sense of depth. You can place a mirror on your wall, cabinet door, or backsplash to make your kitchen look more spacious.
  • Use vertical space that maximizes your storage and display options. You can use wall-mounted shelves, hooks, or racks to store and display your items without taking up floor space.

What makes a kitchen look luxury?

A kitchen looks luxury when it has some elements that exude elegance, quality, and sophistication. Some examples are:

  • Marble countertops that add a touch of class and durability to your kitchen. You can choose a marble countertop that has a smooth, glossy, or matte finish and a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Stainless steel appliances that add a touch of modernity and sleekness to your kitchen. You can choose stainless steel appliances that have a fingerprint-resistant, smudge-proof, or anti-bacterial coating and a range of functions and features.
  • Wood cabinets that add a touch of warmth and richness to your kitchen. You can choose wood cabinets that have a natural, stained, or painted finish and a variety of styles and designs.

How do I add luxury to my kitchen?

You can add luxury to your kitchen by investing in some items that enhance your comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. Some options are:

  • A wine cooler that keeps your wine at the optimal temperature and humidity. You can choose a wine cooler that has a dual-zone, single-zone, or thermoelectric cooling system and a capacity that suits your collection and consumption.
  • A smart faucet that responds to your voice, touch, or motion. You can choose a smart faucet that has a hands-free, voice-activated, or touch-sensitive feature and a variety of spray modes and temperatures.
  • A coffee maker that brews your coffee to your preference and taste. You can choose a coffee maker that has a programmable, automatic, or manual function and a variety of brew sizes and strengths.

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